Our goals for Massage Mechanics are to provide a comfortable environment, that is accessible and affordable for everyone. We want to share the benefits of Massage Therapy with our community. We welcome you to visit us and experience what we have to offer.

 Andrea Gruber and Becky Smith,  founders of Massage Mechanics

Andrea Gruber and Becky Smith,  founders of Massage Mechanics

Our Team


Andrea Gruber

Owner and Licensed Massage Therapist

Andrea Gruber started massaging when she was young, giving her mother back rubs, and has greatly enjoyed learning and understanding the physiology behind what she intuitively understood as a child. After receiving her BFA from EMU, she went to the Ann Arbor Institute of Massage Therapy. She loves working with athletes and office workers. Many of her clients appreciate her pressure, responsiveness, and consistency. Andrea specializes in deep tissue, sports massage, NMT, Myofascial, Swedish, hot stone, and integrative techniques.

Andrea is available Tue – Sat.

Emily Weir

Manager and Spiritualist

Emily started working at Massage Mechanics in 2016 as the office manager and receptionist. She has been living in Ypsilanti for many years and is very involved in the community art scene. She quickly became an integral part of the business and was thrilled to be given the opportunity to expand her role in the company.  She will be offering intention setting and empowerment services, tarot readings, and guided meditation to the Massage Mechanics menu. She has been living in Ypsilanti for many years and is very involved in the community art scene.

Emily is available Sun - Mon (although you will see her at the desk Wed-Sat!)


Bridgett Rossi

Licensed Massage Therapist

Bridgett knew she wanted to be a Massage Therapist after receiving her first massage at the age of 17. She was drawn to the ability to heal, soothe, and relax all at the same time. She graduated from Irene’s Myomassology Institute. She has also received additional education and certification in Medical Massage at the Flint Institute of Therapeutic Massage. She uses a holistic approach to each and every individual. She believes we all need touch; it is a form of love. Bridgett has an amazing integrative technique combining many different modalities, including Swedish, Lomi Lomi, pressure point therapy, shiatsu, polarity reiki, and sports massage. She is also trained in Hot Stone massage.

Bridgett is available Wed, Thu, Sat.


Cindy Salo

Licensed Massage Therapist

Cindy Salo is on a mission to help people eliminate the effects of stress. She originally worked in the healthcare industry, but wanted to have a more hands on role with a patient’s journey to better health. She graduated from the Ann Arbor Institute of Massage Therapy. She enjoys working with a variety of clientele from the working class to those a little more mature in years. She has a talent for hot stone massage as well as relaxation oriented massages, often putting her clients to sleep with a touch. Cindy specializes in Swedish, Myofascial, Neuromuscular Therapy, trigger point therapy, hot stone, and integrative techniques.

Cindy is available Fri-Tue.


Ryan Stewart

Licensed Massage Therapist

Ryan joined the Massage Mechanics team in 2017. He graduated from Irene's Myomassology Institute but has also received additional education and training from the Sunshine Massage School in Thailand. Ryan is particularly adept at connecting Eastern and Western bodywork philosophies, ideas, and techniques in his practice. When working with Ryan, he takes extra time to communicate with his client about exactly what he is doing and why. He specializes in postural assessment, integrative techniques, NMT, Myofascial, Swedish, and is our current Thai massage expert.

Ryan is available Tue evenings, and Sundays.


Sara Lennon

Licensed Massage Therapist

Sara was drawn to massage by the fact that it can bring so much change in the body; how relaxation, healing, and pain relief can be achieved simply through touch. She graduated from the Ann Arbor Institute of Massage Therapy. She is very skillful working both deep and specific, finding and relieving all of those tight spots. She enjoys working with a variety of clients and has experience in prenatal massage, Neuromuscular therapy, and Myofascial work. An Ypsilanti native, she is happy to be able to provide professional massage for people here. Sara specializes in prenatal, NMT, Myofascial, trigger point therapy, deep tissue, Swedish, and integrative techniques.

Sara will also be adding a line of holistic retail products to be sold at Massage Mechanics!

Sara is available Mon, Wed, Fri, and occasionally and Sat.


Wyatt Woodside

Licensed Massage Therapist

Wyatt has a talent for working with the body, he combines pressure and specificity for maximum results. He is a graduate of the Ann Arbor Institute of Massage Therapy.  Many of his clients greatly enjoy both his charming nature and his familiarity with Ypsilanti. Wyatt grew up in Ypsilanti and still resides here, so he is a familiar face to the area. He also teaches and participates in martial arts. When Wyatt works with a client, he is both respectful and thorough, he follows up all of his massages by providing the client with a series of stretches or exercises to help them continue to progress even when they aren’t on the massage table. Wyatt specializes in Neuromuscular Therapy, Myofascial, deep tissue, trigger point therapy, hot stone, Swedish, sports, and integrative techniques.

Wyatt is available Sun-Tue, and Thu.


Diane Finch

Licensed Massage Therapist

Diane was born and raised in Ypsilanti. After a lifetime of sports and working in a factory, she found herself on the receiving end of Massage Therapy. She enjoyed the benefits and results it provided. She decided to help others find relief and relaxation. She graduated from the Ann Arbor Institute of Massage Therapy. She also has additional certification through the Day Break Geriatric Massage and has been working with hospice and the elderly for 6 years. Diane has a gentle touch and specializes in Swedish, myofascial massage, and geriatric massage.

Diane is available for chair massage events and in-home geriatric massage.


Kat Garrison

Licensed Massage Therapist

Kat Garrison is invested in anatomy knowledge and modality trainings. After receiving her massage certification from the Ann Arbor Institute of Massage Therapy, she studied Oncology/Hospital Massage at Beaumont Hospital. She can treat medical and cancer patients safely and confidently. She is also a trained Reiki practitioner to treat clients who prefer very light pressure or to be fully clothed during a session. She recently finished level 1 training in Fascial Stretch Therapy as well. Kat enjoys learning about her clients goals and using a variety of techniques to help them move closer to those goals.

Kat Garrison is a renter at Massage Mechanics and has use of our facilities. Due to her special qualifications we often refer clients to her, and she can be reached through the Massage Mechanics office.

Kat is available Sun – Tue